Every Orthodox Christian Should Watch Spotlight

More good, more often. Orthodox Christian writers are often called upon to author articles that focus on positive aspects of life in the Church.  Mission trips, fasting recipes, and ethnic customs are all topics that make for a friendly encounter with Orthodox Christianity. But what if the calling to do more good, more often was much more difficult? What if doing more good, more often meant being unpopular? What if doing more good, more often meant being cast out by those around us? The movie Spotlight recently won the Oscar for Best Picture. It tells the story of how a […]

Is It Time To Do Away With Liturgical Greek?

Imagine that you have been invited to class with an amazing teacher only to find that the teacher chooses to instruct students in a language that none of them understand. This is the experience of many people in the Orthodox Church. Every Sunday people encounter the Divine Liturgy but far too many fail to understand it because the Church chooses to worship in a language that is not spoken by its members. This is true of many Churches today including The Greek Orthodox Church and The Russian Orthodox Church. How many people enter the front door of a parish every […]

This Valentine’s Day, Discover Love The Orthodox Way

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Barna Group has released a study showing that young people view failing to recycle items like cardboard and aluminum cans as more immoral than pornography.  The Porn Phenomenon survey of teenagers and young adults found that 32% of those surveyed believe that viewing porn is “usually or always wrong” compared to 56% who say not recycling is “usually or always wrong.” St. Valentine must be rolling in his grave. More than ever we see that the opposite of real love is not hating people but using people. As Valentine’s Day becomes more and […]

Orthodox Parish Assemblies: 5 Best Practices

The new year is unfolding and many Orthodox parishes in America will be participating in a seasonal ritual known as the parish assembly. Parish assemblies are part of the process in American Orthodox parishes where the community evaluates its health and decides on matters that are the responsibility of the laity. These assemblies are a normal part of the checks and balances of Orthodox life in America. And like every other part of our Life in Christ, parish assemblies are vulnerable to human weakness. Anger, fear, envy and apathy are all emotions people can experience when it comes to participating […]