OCN: Pascha and Doubt

Christ is Risen!  I am happy to share my latest article “Pascha and Doubt” which was published by OCN.  You may find it at the following link: http://myocn.net/pascha-and-doubt/

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, Discover Love the Orthodox Christian Way

Sometimes, you have to wonder if the real meaning of love can be saved at all. In a world hungry for the truth about love, millions of people will flock to movie theaters on Valentine’s Day to view the movie version of E.L James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey and to celebrate the abusive relationship it features as a model of genuine love. Abuse as the equivalent of real love? Men courting women by taking them to a movie about a young woman being manipulated and hurt? What does such a movie say to the millions of people who have […]

OCN: What I Learned from “The Greek Freak”

I am happy to share that www.myocn.net (OCN) has published my latest article What I Learned from “The Greek Freak” is a wonderful reflection on how what it means to be Greek is changing.  This wave of change will have significant effects on Orthodoxy as well.   Read the whole article HERE.

The Shadow of Christmas

Christmas can be too comfortable sometimes.  As the Nativity Season unfolds, churches are celebrating the birth of Christ.   Gifts are being shared and kitchens are busy preparing traditional foods. While all these events may be well intentioned, they frequently point us in the direction of nostalgia rather than a living faith.  Nostalgia can be unhealthy.   The more we focus solely on decorating Christmas ornaments and talking about our ethnicity, the more we lose sight of the truth that lies in the manger of Bethlehem and what Jesus Christ means for our lives. The joy of the birth of Christ is […]