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Orthodox Outpost welcomes solicited and unsolicited submissions from authors.  Submissions are to be be original and not previously published in any medium.  As an independent blog of Eastern Orthodox opinion, Orthodox Outpost especially welcomes quality submissions from new and aspiring writers who have a command of Orthodox Christian Thought and a desire to be faithful to the Tradition of Orthodox Christianity.

Submissions are to be less than 1,000 words and reflect an outlook that is both challenging, respectful and solution-oriented.  Submissions are accepted in MS Word Format via email at Please include a brief biography with your correspondence.

Orthodox Outpost reserves the right to decline submissions that it feels may not reflect the outlook and mission of its editors.   Submitted materials are the responsibility of the author who accepts all responsibility for the content and accuracy.

Authors who submit material to Orthodox Outpost agree to hold its editors and owners harmless for any matter relating to the acceptance or rejection of a given submission.