OCN: When Easter is a Second Chance

Second Easter

The wheel on our unbalanced shopping cart squeaks as our family speeds around the corner aisle of the local grocery store. Shoppers around us raise an eyebrow as they overhear our list of items being checked off. Some think we have lost track of the calendar. Others believe we have lost our minds.

One of our family traditions is unfolding for all to see.

It’s the Monday after Easter in America and our family is quickly loading our grocery cart with holiday leftovers that are deeply discounted.

“Nothing goes in the basket that is less than 50% off!” my wife yells to our son as she sets the ground rules for today.

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Andrew Estocin

Andrew Estocin is a lifelong Orthodox Christian. He received his B.A. with a double major in Philosophy and Theology from Fordham University. His writings have appeared in numerous publications including The Albuquerque Journal, Touchstone, Beliefnet.com and The Orthodox Observer. Andrew’s work is featured on the The Orthodox Christian Network where he writes on a variety of contemporary issues.

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