Orthodox Campus Ministry Follow-up

George Orwell wrote: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”  With that in mind, I would like to thank everyone for their comments on the topic of Orthodox Campus Ministry.   For once, it is nice to have a spirited discussion on such issues.   Special thanks also to the folks over at the Orthodox Reddit Page.  The discussion was fruitful. As a follow-up to the comments and interest in this topic, I invite interested people to submit well considered articles on this subject.  This discussion can be further elevated by moving it out […]

Stewardship and Millennials – A Matter of Trust

Orthodox Outpost is please to welcome Fr. Robert Holet as a contributor.   Fr. Robert is pastor of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Charlottesville, VA and chairs the stewardship program of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.  Fr. Robert is the author of The First and The Finest: Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering.  Stewardship and Millennials – A Matter of Trust Fr. Robert Holet A Word about an Orthodox Stewardship Perspective So much of what I write on Christian Stewardship reflects my deeply-held belief about a distinctive Orthodox perspective on stewardship – a distinctive spiritual and liturgical viewpoint. Normally […]

OCN: When Easter is a Second Chance

The wheel on our unbalanced shopping cart squeaks as our family speeds around the corner aisle of the local grocery store. Shoppers around us raise an eyebrow as they overhear our list of items being checked off. Some think we have lost track of the calendar. Others believe we have lost our minds. One of our family traditions is unfolding for all to see. It’s the Monday after Easter in America and our family is quickly loading our grocery cart with holiday leftovers that are deeply discounted. “Nothing goes in the basket that is less than 50% off!” my wife […]