OCN: About Those Big Fat Greek Weddings

Everybody loves Nia Vardalos’ My Big Fat Greek Wedding and with the release of the sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 people everywhere are certain to be talking about Greek weddings in the days ahead.  Count me among the many husbands who will be seeing this movie alongside his wife and enjoying many good laughs. The truth is that the characters and themes in these movies have made a lasting impression on Greek Orthodox life in America.  Today, no Greek Orthodox wedding is complete without some type of reference to these films.  Some even consider My Big Fat Greek […]

Every Orthodox Christian Should Watch Spotlight

More good, more often. Orthodox Christian writers are often called upon to author articles that focus on positive aspects of life in the Church.  Mission trips, fasting recipes, and ethnic customs are all topics that make for a friendly encounter with Orthodox Christianity. But what if the calling to do more good, more often was much more difficult? What if doing more good, more often meant being unpopular? What if doing more good, more often meant being cast out by those around us? The movie Spotlight recently won the Oscar for Best Picture. It tells the story of how a […]