Orthodox Parish Assemblies: 5 Best Practices

The new year is unfolding and many Orthodox parishes in America will be participating in a seasonal ritual known as the parish assembly. Parish assemblies are part of the process in American Orthodox parishes where the community evaluates its health and decides on matters that are the responsibility of the laity. These assemblies are a normal part of the checks and balances of Orthodox life in America. And like every other part of our Life in Christ, parish assemblies are vulnerable to human weakness. Anger, fear, envy and apathy are all emotions people can experience when it comes to participating […]

Five Best Practices for the Great Council of the Orthodox Church

  Pentecost 2016 will mark the opening of the Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church. It has been over 1,000 years since the Eastern Orthodox Church has held a Great and Holy Council. The world has certainly changed in the past millennium. Electricity, flight and the Western Hemisphere are all examples of things that were unknown to the participants in the last Council. Needless to say there is some catching up to do! Despite all of these changes, the question today is a simple one. Is the Church truly what it says it is or is all the […]

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Four Orthodox Lessons from Luke Skywalker

No discussion of Star Wars is complete without a look at Luke Skywalker, the young boy from Tatooine who finds himself at the center of a galactic struggle between good and evil.  When it comes to his character, it is easy to get caught up in all the battles he faces.  From blowing up the Death Star to losing his hand in a battle with Darth Vader there is a never ending supply of excitement. But just as it was with Obi-Wan Kenobi, there is more to Luke Skywalker’s story than meets the eye.  When we practice common sense, discernment, […]