Should Orthodox Churches Have Armed Guards?

The Orthodox Christian Network recently published my latest essay on whether Orthodox parishes in America need armed guards.  “Every person deserves to live in safety. However, the question of whether Orthodox Churches should have armed guards is one that goes to the very heart of our identity as Christians and what it means to live as Christ lived and to love as Christ loved. Orthodox Christians are residents of a different Kingdom, and our peace does not come from this world. As a result, we are called to live differently and see the world with eyes of faith.” READ MORE […]

July 4th: The Best of Orthodoxy is in America

  “Orthodoxy is a freedom-loving, democratic faith it is at its best in our free America. Our people are part and parcel of America, gladly giving their treasure and the blood of their sons to safeguard its free institutions which are the reflection of the freedom they find in their faith. If the best of Byzantium has survived, it is in the United States, and if there is an Orthodox political ideal, it is enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. “Thus, while we must still minister to many who remember the ways and customs of another land, it is our policy to make our Church in the United States, an American Church. In […]

According to Orthodoxy, When Do You Become A Person?

There has been considerable discussion on the topic of human beings and personhood in Orthodox theological circles.  Fordham University’s Public Orthodoxy Blog recently published an article entitled “Human Beings or Human Persons?” that raised a number of serious questions in the context of the Great Council of the Orthodox Church.     Are all human beings persons?  What does it mean to be human?  What does it mean to be a person?   Is an embryo a human person? How does this impact our understanding of the vocation of men and women today and the critical questions each of us face […]

Is Your Orthodox Parish in a Death Spiral?

  How many times have you heard the phrase “Orthodoxy is America’s kept secret.”? A look at today’s Orthodox Christian media shows that time and again everything appears wonderful.   Converts are coming into the Church and the ancient faith is viewed as the alternative to what ails Christianity in America.  It is easy to get caught up in the excitement especially on social media where living as an Orthodox Christian looks easy if not altogether fashionable. However, appearances can be deceiving as many parishes struggle to maintain their operations let alone fulfill the mission of the Gospel.   A recent […]